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WATER is a Mystery ...organism?


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Dr. Pollack (University of Washington) threw his arms into the air and exclaimed : "The Humans somehow collectively decided that we we know everything about water, when in reality we know very little about water."

Water has not been looked into much, scientifically speaking. This is partly because of spirituality beliefs surrounding water (not worth the risk of being labeled pseudo scientist) and partly for geopolitical reasons. Most water science came out of Austria & Germany in the early to mid 1900's - who was listening to German scientists then?
In the mid 60's a Russian laboratory published a study that showed water has memory. They got slammed by the western press because of the cold war.
Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier did a similar study in the 80's, but was slammed by the establishment for various non-scientific reasons (like fear).

It is shown that water in a still state is H20, but when more H2O's are sent to the pub for a drink - they interact in interesting ways.

Water likes to make waves, ripples & flow over rocks to make inward falling vortexes.

Hey - we are mostly made of water, most everything around us is too &
we live on a Blue W
ater Planet.
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Masuru Emoto

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 "Dr. Pollack has been highly evaluating “Message from Water” as the work suggesting “Memory of Water” although it was not written as a scientific report, and respecting the late Dr. Masaru Emoto." (-)

Well know for his work on water memory & criticized as a pseudo scientist, Dr. Emoto nevertheless inspires us that there may well be more to it all.


"Human beings were created so      that water could walk on land"

                                                 - Native American saying


Ronny Tertnes

- Art & Water drop photography


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Sure, Ronny adds stabilizers and food coloring to the water - but it's still cool!

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Dimples make vortexes. It makes golfballs fly twice as far because vortexes make inward implosions that pulls, creating lift and reducing drag. Some bicycle wheels are produced with dimples & you can buy surfboard fins with dimples, for the same reason.

"Comprehed and copy Nature" - Victor Schauberger.

Golf balls have dimples!

Water acts like air, according to Bernoulli's principle, because they are both fluids, hydro-dynamically speaking.

We are making food safe miniature golf balls for in-line water revitalizers.

The in-line water revitalizer

- Currently in testing at  The Daily Nature labs.

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